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Hair loss help and support

We understand that hair loss of any type can be devastating. Below we have put together some information about the services and support networks available. Please don’t suffer alone, we would love to help, pop in and see us or give us a call.

Government Wig and Hair Pieces subsidy
The Wigs and Hairpieces Service Payment is a payment to people who suffer from serious hair loss because of a medical condition or from certain cancer therapies. The payments are to reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining a wig or hairpiece or other related products. Click here to read more.

Diagnosis and treatment
As you’ve probably worked out, hair loss is very complex and therefore it is important to get an accurate diagnosis to ensure the best possible treatment. We recommend Dr Paul Nola. Find out more about Dr Nola here…

Alopecia New Zealand

Female Hair loss support group
Find us on Facebook. We are also looking at running a Face-to-face group in Auckland.